libfid Downloadpage

libfid Downloadpage

Author(s): Robert Homann

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libfid-0.4.1.tar.gzThe library in source code form.(src)
libfid-0.4.1-html.tar.gzAPI reference in HTML format.(data)
libfid-testdata.tar.gzNote: there is no need for downloading the auxiliary 12MB test data archive unless you plan to run the test suite before installing the library. We run the tests on several platforms already before releasing new versions, so you may safely skip that step.(data)


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Comment: Most of downloaded tools are compressed with gzip and merged in a TAR - archive. They can be unpacked using gzip and tar on an unix like system or a tool like winzip on a windows system.
Example using gzip/tar: gzip -cd "TOOL".tar.gz | tar xvf -

The BiBiServ team does not provide any support for compiling or using a tool from the download section. Please contact the author directly in case of any problem.

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