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Author: M. Katzer

The Automatic Image Processing system for Microarray experiments (AIM) is designed for uncalibrated microarray gridding and quantitative image analysis. Design goals were

  • To use as little a-priori information as possible
  • To allow reliable gridding of any kind of grid layout
  • To require only the absolutely necessary user interaction

Uncalibrated microarray image analysis supports integration of expression data from different sources and can improve reproducibility.

The AIM system contains GUI programs to operate the system independently as well as commandline tools that can be embedded in pipelines. AIM uses XML formats for structured data storage and has interfaces to commonly used file formats. Detailed information on the algorithms implemented in our system can be found in the references.

Users of AIM are requested to cite :
Katzer, M. and Kummert, F. and Sagerer, G. Methods for Automatic Microarray Image Segmentation, IEEE Transactions on Nano-Bioscience, 2003
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