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The BiBiServ Framework can be set up the complete BiBiServ easily on your local infrastructure. Cloud based infrastructure can be used directly from BiBiServ (using RITC) or manually (using BiBiGrid).


When thinking of a bioInformatics service provider like the BiBiServ, one must have in mind that the data to be analyzed is very huge and is growing day by day. The problem is not only to provide the necessary computing power to analyze all the data but also provide storage and bandwidth capacity. One possible solution to solve this problem is to move the bioinformatic tools itself to the data instead of moving the big amount of data to the tools. In other words: if your data is already stored in the cloud it is faster (and normally also cheaper) to run your bioinformatics applications near to the data instead of moving/copying all the data to your analyze pipeline.

BiBiCloud AWS workflow

Since 2012 Illumina offers BaseSpace to store and analyze sequence data in a cloud computing environment. BaseSpace offers the possibility to run (your own) applications (with limitation to compute power) but also have REST access to all data stored. BaseSpace is powered by AWS and therefore running a bioinformatic pipeline within AWS should be optimal to access them.

Feel free to use our framework for your own projects. It's published under the conditions of the CDDL Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.