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Author: M. Rehmsmeier

It has become standard to evaluate newly devised database search methods in terms of sensitivity and selectivity and to compare them to existing methods. This involves the construction of a suitable evaluation scenario, the execution of the methods, the assesment of their performances, and the presentation of the results. Each of these four phases and their smooth connection usually imposes formidable work.

To relieve the evaluator of this burden, a system has been designed with which evaluations can be effected rapidly. It is implemented in the programming language Python whose object-oriented features are used to offer a great flexibility in changing the evaluation design. A graphical user interface (GUI) is provided which offers the usual amenities such as radio- and checkbuttons or file browsing facilities.

Users of Phase4 are requested to cite :
Marc Rehmsmeier Phase4: Automatic evaluation of database search methods, Software - Practise and Experience, 2002
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