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RNA processing toolsThe tools within this category work on RNA data and provide i.a. shape prediction and hybridization solutions

Shapes Studio - The RNA shapes studio comprises four RNA secondary structure prediction tools, which make heavy use of shape abstraction.

aCMs - Ambivalent Covariance Models are stochastic homology search tools that support more than one consensus secondary RNA structures.

GUUGle - A utility for fast exact matching under RNA base pairing rules

InSilicoDicer - InSilicoDicer - Intrinsic and Extrinsic Prediction of mature miRNA.

Locomotif - Locomotif: Localization of RNA motifs with generated thermodynamic Matchers

paRNAss - paRNAss - Prediction of Alternate RNA Secondary Structures.

planACstar - planACstar is an implementation of plan AC* that improves structural RNA alignments by structure comparison .

RNAforester - RNAforester is a tool for RNA secondary structure comparison.

RNAhybrid - finding minimum free energy hybridization

RNAsifter no description available